Dear Democracy is an advice column that was launched after the divisive, bitter 2016 elections. She thinks the world needs far more empathy, and she wants to give it to us. She is here to take on all of your questions, hopes, fears, and dreams about relating to one another in a deeply divided political world. She offers empathy and an ear to people of all backgrounds, all political and non-political stripes.

Anonymous posts and responses will appear on Dear Democracy. Letters will not be shared without the writer’s permission.

Write to her and she’ll relate to you. She’ll tell you about the ways she’s struggled relating to people who look, think, and believe differently than she does. She’ll share about the ways she’s been burned and shamed and hurt. She’ll talk about the times she has been closed minded, hurtful, and shamed others. She’ll do this because she wants to connect with you. She’ll offer the best advice she can for how to navigate our differences on a person to person level. Dear Democracy wants you to write about all of your woes. She’s here to soothe your soul, offer radical empathy, and, where needed, a little tough love.

Write to her. She can’t wait to hear from you.